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Tuesday October 13, 2009

Smashing Ellis helps Tigers hit top eight

Monday August 10, 2009
Roosters 10 Wests Tigers 17


Wednesday April 2, 2008
THE CHOPPING BLOCK NBN, 7.30pm REALITY show The Chopping Block comes to an end tonight on Melbourne's famous Lygon Street as Italian eateries Zingarella and Michelinos go head to head in the battle to produce the best bolognaise on the strip.

Unknown Maybe, But Sutton Aims To Go Hard And Shine For Souths

Saturday February 5, 2005
Who is he? Spaghetti bolognaise is his favourite food, he likes his sports drink in a bright blue colour and he said he couldn't live without the beach.

Forget Fast Food, The Kids Want Spag Bol

Sunday March 14, 2004
SPAGHETTI bolognaise has been voted the top home-cooked meal for Australian children.

Pass The Parmesan

Wednesday October 16, 2002
WHEN I was a little fellow, the extent of Italian cooking in our household was spaghetti bolognaise, which was always served with that powdered parmesan cheese from a green cardboard tube, the one with an extremely strong aroma.

Q&a With Michael Gerace

Thursday May 4, 2000
Full name: Michael `Mick' Gerace. Date of birth: September 19, 1966. Earliest memory: Spaghetti bolognaise. Childhood pin-ups: Elvis Presley, although my mum and dad (Nina and Nino) are Italian and they wanted it to be Mario Lanza. Silliest thing you've done: Going through a car wash wi

Deadly Food For Asthmatics

Tuesday November 9, 1999
A pregnant woman almost died of asthma after eating 10 single-serve packs of Vegemite and drinking a glass of orange juice. Another woman died of asthma in her doctor's car on the way to hospital after eating spaghetti made with a prepared bolognaise sauce. A man ate 20 Minties and landed in

Whatever It Means, Lyndey's Got 'em

Saturday October 9, 1999
S O you mess around in the kitchen a bit, do you? Rustle up the occasional curry or a spaghetti bolognaise? Maybe even an Indonesian gado gado? The odds are that you probably got your start with the Margaret Fulton Cookbook. It's probably still there in the cupboard next to the stove. The

Bombers' Blue-collar Worker

Wednesday September 15, 1999
Peter Somerville's football hero is Ron Andrews. The last book he read was Chopper Read's. He listens to AC/DC and eats spaghetti bolognaise, possibly in his favorite truckie singlet. Also revealed in his unpretentious website profile is that Somerville's last Christmas Day was spent ``home chewin

No Tears With Tulip Bolognaise

Thursday May 7, 1998
Renata Jacob of Farmborough Heights has her mum Geraldine from South Africa staying with her and last night she offered to cook dinner. She started chopping the onions and halfway through preparing the bolognaise she commented on the sweetness of Australian onions. Renata heard warning bells b

The Best Laminated Booth In The House, Please

Monday October 23, 1995
SPAGHETTI Bolognaise - $3.90. Plain cheese sandwiches - $2. Soup - 50c. Wine trifle with ice-cream - $1.40. Is this My Three Sons' local diner or a popular restaurant in Kings Cross? Neither. These are just samples from the menus of two completely unrelated Kings Cross institutions: the Astoria Rest

Spag Bol Companions

Saturday September 9, 1995
EVERYONE has their own favourite spaghetti bolognaise recipe. The presence of more or less acidic tomato works well with reds made in a softer "drink now" style, or older shiraz in which the tannins have softened with time. Examples of the softer style shiraz would be the delicious, s

Great Flavours Of Italy Take Palates By Surprise In The Rural Wilderness

Tuesday December 21, 1993
WHEN Pasticceria Bassano opened seven years ago in the main street of Griffith, the locals weren't sure what to make of it. Here was an Italian cafe without spaghetti bolognaise and garlic bread. The town that John Oxley described in 1817 as being "uninhabitable and useless to civilis

Inspiration's On A Plate When You Make Fun For Your Supper

Sunday November 11, 1990
THE fact that Peter Combe can find something inherently amusing about a restaurant table helps to explain why children think he's one of the funniest men in Australia. His song Toffee Apple is Simply Irresistible to primary school kids. Not to forget the memorable Spaghetti Bolognaise or t

It's What Simon Says That Counts Surfing Headline Size : 32 Points

Thursday December 15, 1988
HONOLULU, Wednesday: It was 7.30pm around at Damien Hardman's pleasant little Sunset Beach residence and the scent of bolognaise sauce wafted through the tropical air. Simon Anderson was cooking dinner. He had to. After all, he's the caddy. "Do you want peas, Damien?" aske

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